Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat

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Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat are made of ancient phytoplankton (diatoms) as raw materials, which has functions as super absorbent, antibacterial deodorant, non-slip. You won’t have to worry about getting your floor wet after you come out of the bathroom. It also has amazing water absorbing power, the water on your feet can quickly suck away.



Non-slip, antibacterial, water and odor absorbent bath mats


Keisoudo (diatomite or diatomaceous earth) is a kind of natural siliceous rocky soil accumulated over millennia in freshwater lakes, with neutral PH value, safe, light, and soft texture. It has a strong ability in absorbing peculiar smell and moisture due to its porous properties.

This product is popular in Japan, Korea, and Europe. If you feel that this product can be a hit in your country, let us help you with the supply! Start your business with us!


  • SAFE AND CHEMICAL FREE: Made from all natural diatomite without any chemical additives, it is safe, fast self-drying and a new way of green life.
  • MAXIMUM WATER AND ODOR ABSORBENCY: The mat soaks up water immediately, and gets dry in a few minutes, keeps the floor dry and clean. Furthermore, it can refresh the air in the bathroom.
  • ANTI-SLIP AND ANTI-BACTERIAL: Minimize the risk of slips and falls while preventing erosion, mildew, and bacteria build up by keeping the balance of air humidity.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Wash with running water or wipe with a wet cloth, then air dry, our Diatomaceous Earth bath mat will quickly refresh itself with excellent absorbent performance.
  • BRAND NEW STREAMLINED DESIGN: There are four colors, each made with soil from a different part of Japan. The white and blue versions are from Akita, the pink is from Ishikawa, while the green is a mix of Ishikawa and Akita materials.


  • Material: Diatomite
  • Size: 60*39*1 cm (Large)
  • Color: Gray/Blue/Pink/Green
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Package included:
    01 x bath mat
    01 x sandpaper
    01 x welcome guide


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  • Location: Vietnam
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