Our Story

Launched in December 2018, Lamian Trading Co. Ltd is a young, enthusiastic, and quality firm in Vietnam. Our prestigious unit specializing in providing imported necessaries and other products from foreign markets at the top range of quality.

With a tremendous increase in online shopping demand, Lamian Trading Co. Ltd is founded to satisfy needs, allocate high-quality goods, boost living standards. And most importantly, bring a quality, convenient, and secure living environment to customers not only in Vietnam but all around the world.

Lamian Trading’s policies have been oriented primarily to recognizing consumers as the major criteria of products’ selection process, respecting partners, and improving product quality. We are an internationally reliable online shopping platform that gives you a fabulous and comfortable life.



High-quality product

We introduce diversified ranges of versatile and stylish items to all customers, especially in the household segment. Lamians’ products are carefully chosen, tested, and safe-to-use.


Best service & support

Lamians provides you with the best service and support, namely 24/7 online support, professional technical support team, and other guarantee policies, giving you a secure shopping environment.


Our commitment

We aim to bring you the best experiences. Lamians never stop improving in terms of products and services. We do our best to turn your daily work into fresh and enjoyable ones. Life is much easier with Lamians!

Our team

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John Kelly


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